Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka the pearl of the Indian Ocean, the Resplendent Island – 65,000 Square kilometers in extent off the southern -eastern coast of the sub- continent of India. Sri Lanka the ancient getaway to the East and the center of eastern commerce.Buddhist monk praying near reclining Buddha, Polonnarvwa, Sri Lanka, 1995 The Island was known as Taprobane to the Greeks and the Romans. The Serendib to the Arabs, the Island of gems to King Solomon, the land without sorrow of the ancient Chinese, known as Ceilao by the Portuguese and Ceylon by the British. A land blessed with a beautiful and benign climate with its greatest treasures.

BBBC5X Sri Lanka, Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress at dawn

Sri Lanka is a truly exquisite island within her, can be found a fascinating variety of climate, vegetation and breathtaking diversity of scenery. Sri Lanka offers some finest beaches in the world, beautiful hill country tea plantations, ruined cities, with a recorded civilization which dates back to 380 c. BC. Sri Lanka has produced great cities, rich in art and architecture, gigantic irrigation works that are in use even today, rock fortresses, pleasure gardens and world class gemstones.

A warm and friendly people with a land that is vibrant and colorful. The hill country where majestic mountains, still lakes enhance the beauty of an picture book town. Where also fire-walkers, devil dancing and the imposing ruins of ancient cities of over 2500 years old inspire the visitors. Sri Lanka offers some finest wild life reservations, where sleek leopards, herds of elephants, spotted deer freely roam and also an home to over 450 spices of gorgeous birds.
SriLanka_SmilesSri Lanka a land of wonder, a place to entice. relax, excite, renew and marvel. An land like no other.

Sites and Monuments are recognized and accepted by UNESCO as Treasure Worthy and are included in the WORLD HERITAGE LIST.

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